Why Swift HR World?

  • Our goal is to provide a complete HR solution that meets the needs of our clients.   
  • We offer solutions to organisations at all levels, from junior to senior.
  • We have well-trained recruiters who headhunt profiles and do not rely solely on job portals.  
  • We provide our clients with fast and high-quality end-to-end recruitment solutions.
  • Our SUCCESS is determined by YOUR achievement of your objective.

What does Swift HR World do?

  • Swift HR World acts as a liaison between companies and potential candidates.  
  • Researching candidate databases and identifying potentially suitable candidates for relevant open positions.
  • Conducting tests and interviews with potentially suitable candidates and shortlisting the most qualified ones.
  • Mediating any salary, benefits, training, and career advancement negotiations between candidates and employers.
  • Reviewing and improving their recruitment policies to ensure a higher rate of proposed candidates being hired by client companies.

How to choose the right HR Recruitment outsourcing Partner?

  • Did the Partner taken the time to learn about your company and investigate the management style of your leadership team? 
  • Did the Partner willing to supplement your recruitment efforts and act as an extension of your company?
  • Are they willing to evaluate candidates in order to find the "best fit" for your team?
  • Do they genuinely search the market for the "right candidates," or do they simply wait for candidates to apply to job postings?
  • Do they add value (for example, competitive market salary comparisons, marketing demographic information)?
  • Do they represent your company professionally, and do they understand the sensitivity of confidential searches?
  • What do their candidates think of them?
  • Are they forthcoming with you when it comes to your recruitment needs?
  • Do you believe you have a say, and does your recruitment firm know how to recruit for your "wish list" and "required skills"?
  • Do they conduct quality-control calls (during any search or even after a candidate has been hired)?


Key Stages of the Recruitment Process

The most effective and efficient recruitment process is an organization-specific model that seeks the right people for the right job at the right time. It is a detailed and step-by-step procedure for attracting talented individuals to organisations.

Recruitment Life Cycle

Stage 1: Preparing

Begin by considering the client's needs and the characteristics, skills, and traits that would constitute your ideal hire. This will help guide and simplify your entire recruitment process. The next step is to review existing role documents or create a job description and person specification for a new role.

Stage 2: Sourcing

Using a variety of methods to find candidates can be extremely effective. Consider using a major job portals , a variety of social media channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others). Consider internal recruiting to find candidates among your existing staff who have internal knowledge of the organisation.

Stage 3: Screening

This process begins with reviewing employment application forms and/or CVs in order to narrow down your applicants to the very best candidates. The goal of reviewing these documents is to find applicants whose qualifications, skills, and experiences are most closely aligned with the requirements of the open position. Candidates who pass this stage are shortlisted and invited to an in-person interview.

Stage 4: Selecting

The most important aspect of the recruiting process is selecting the best candidate. Meeting potential candidates in person is your ultimate opportunity to determine if they have the perfect combination of knowledge, skills, and experience you are looking for, regardless of how good they appear on paper. It is best practise in recruitment to use a variety of candidate selection methods that best suit your hiring needs, such as written exercises and/or presentations.

Stage 5: Hiring

The hiring stage of the recruitment cycle includes two major activities: job offer and pre-employment checks. Once you've found your ideal candidate, call them and follow up with an official job offer letter. All hiring terms are clarified in a well-structured job offer. It contains specific information on compensation and benefits, working hours and contract length, as well as the start date of employment. When a candidate does not immediately accept your job offer, further negotiations are required to reach a mutually satisfying employment contract.

Stage 6: Onboarding

Onboarding is the final and perhaps most important stage of the recruitment process, and it is all about making new employees feel welcome and assisting them in settling into their new workplace by collaborating with their new coworkers. Great onboarding begins with introductions, progresses to orientation, and concludes with training. When these activities are combined, they form the ideal formula for ensuring a successful start for any new employee.


Major Features

In order to find the right candidate, there should be an in-house Hands-on Database as well as access to major job portals. which will aid in the quality of candidate sourcing. Those quality candidates will be filtered through screening and assessment tools. Finally, the best of the best qualified candidates will be on-boarded.

Hands-on Database
  • Hands-on Database

  • Database access to all major Job Portals
  • Qualified Head Hunting Team
  • Advertisements in various Social Media platforms
  • Strong Referral Network
  • Quality Sourcing
  • Quality Sourcing

  • Defined Sourcing Planning & Procedures in place
  • Creative Sourcing Strategies
  • Continuous flow of Quality Candidates from various Profile categories.
  • Screening & Assessment
  • Screening & Assessment

  • Screening is done in accordance with the Job Description
  • Shortlisted profiles were moved to various types of assessments based on Client needs
  • Assessment completed profiles were evaluated to ensure they met client expectations
  • Creating a FaceSheet (checklist) in accordance with the JD requirements
  • Candidate On boarding
  • Candidate On boarding

  • Potential candidates chosen for appropriate positions were coordinated with Clients for further process
  • Co-ordination between organisation and candidate will continue untill on boarding

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